Message from the Chairman

Proposed redevelopment of the clubhouse

Proposed redevelopment of the clubhouse

Henley Rugby Club is about to embark on its most ambitious redevelopment programme ever to provide the first class facilities, which will support its various activities through the community. The attached brochure outlines what we are going to do and most importantly how we are going to raise the considerable sum of money, around £700K, to finance it. Funding is being sought from 2 sources, third party funders and you the members of the club. The third party funders we will approach are

  • The RFU
  • Sport England
  • SODC CIF fund
  • The town Council
  • Lafarge-Tarmac Community Fund

These funders would expect those who will benefit most from the enhanced facility, namely the club members, to contribute around 30% of the total, so our target is £200k. This is your team managing this project

  • Project Manager - Christopher Reeves
  • 3rd Party Funding - Aubrey Doran
  • Chris Nixon - Membership Funding
  • Mike Trethewey
  • Joanna Emmerson
  • Mike Thomas
  • David Yarnton

Please feel free to contact any one of them at any time if you want further information or have ideas to contribute to the programme. You will see from the brochure the project is split into 2 parts, the first being the upgrade of the clubhouse followed by the building of the changing rooms

Proposed redevelopment of the clubhouse

Proposed redevelopment of the clubhouse

So where are we now?

The deadline for submitting the first two of our 3rd party funding applications to SODC and Lafarge-Tarmac are the end of July and mid August respectively. Chris and Aubrey are working on these.

As of today the fund to which members are contributing stands at just over £40k, a very creditable start. The higher we get that figure by the time we submit those applications the more favourably those organisations will look upon them.

The attached brochure identifies all the ways you can contribute to the project fund, from the modest sponsoring of a paver or seat to having a significant room or part of the facility named after you or your family. Alternatively you may just wish to make a stand alone donation. If you down load the brochure you can complete the order/payment forms and submit to Mary at the club. Additional hard copy forms within the brochure can also be obtained from the office. 

Sponsorship and donations of £500 and above will qualify for tax relief under the EIS scheme and all money donated will go into a special development account set up solely for this purpose, distinct and separate from that used for the ongoing running of the club. 

This is a very significant development in the club’s history and one in which I am sure members will want to be involved, so please contribute and have your name inscribed in the Legacy Book or even on the Honours Board to be seen by generations to come, as they enjoy the benefits of this fantastic club, benefits that are as a result of your endeavours.