Cheers For Everything

Oxfordshire RFU Volunteer Recognition Program has been launched to recognise and thank all volunteers across the country, who dedicate their time to support and build Oxfordshire rugby clubs so that more people can play and enjoy the game of rugby.

Oxfordshire RFU also wish to recognise 2 individuals from the county for their excellent contributions and will be named as Oxfordshire RFU volunteers of the year.

The vital contribution that volunteers offer are the reason behind any rugby clubs success on and off the field, Oxfordshire RFU wishes to personally thank and reward those volunteers and recognise their individual contributions made.

If you know someone who is a great volunteer and would be delighted to be recognised in this way, please watch out for nomination requests on an annual basis or email: - Oxfordshire RFU Volunteer Program Co-Ordinator, or, - County Secretary.

Check out details and information on their Facebook page and Website.