Hawks Women Return to action to keep their cup campaign alive

After a weekend off the Hawks Women were well rested and ready to fight in the next round of the cup. They also needed to keep their cup campaign alive and put things to the back of their head after the last round against Leeds where they suffered a heavy defeat. 

The game started positively for the Hawks as they found themselves in the strike zone early on. Signature hard run from Barrett and Wysocki-Jones allowed a good platform for the backs. Swinging play from one side of the pitch to the other and quick hands from the entire back line to see Solowin over the line. Humphrey’s converted 7-0. 

From the restart Wheeler carries well, Krabbé and Matthews smashing through the Sheffield defence. Once again Henley find themselves meters from the opposition try Line only to lose the ball. This gave an opportunity for the forwards to test the Sheffield pack in the first scrum, well defended by Henley who clearly had the upper hand.  

Sheffield were desperately trying to exit from their own half but we’re struggling to break through the Henley defence. 

Henley on possession again and the penalty count rising for Sheffield, the Hawks capitalise and push forward. A big scrum on the 5m and quick hands from the back

Line once again, Moody joins the line from fullback to run it in hard, quick recycled ball and Solowin puts it down over the line for her second. Humphries once again puts it safely over. 14 - 0

A charge down from Humphries it's a Sheffield lineout. Nash makes a stunning tackle and they are disrupted. Unfortunately the Henley penalty count begins to creep up but Sheffield cannot get over the half way. 

Big hits from Collins and Ashman slow progress. After a kick to touch, Sheffield have the ball but a signature steel from Solowin and it's back in Henley hands. A break from Collins put Henley on the front foot, support from Dudding who feeds to Wheeler to put her clear under the post to score the try. 

Humphries' faithful foot adds the extras. 21-0. 

After the restart Sheffield look to be making progress but a knock on and it's a scrum in the Henley half. A kick down the side, tackled by Barrett and a solid defence shows the pressure Henley have been working on in training. 

Restart scrum after an injury break won by Henley but Sheffield won possession in open play, the Hawks defence was tested again. 

Not wanting to play in their own half the Hawks began to kick for territory and found themselves back in the opposition 22. A perfect line out throw to the back with great precision from Wysocki-Jones allowed Nash to safely secure the ball for the backs, who in return carried out an impeccable move, straight from the training ground to the pitch, allowed Moody to run in untouched in the last play of the half. 26-0. 

Sheffield push hard after the restart, it's a scrum on the half way, won by Henley and taken forward by Ellis. 

A penalty kick to touch and it's a Sheffield lineout but won by a tap from Wheeler. The Hawks are pounding the Sheffield defence once more but a turn over allows the Sheffield fly half to boot it down field only for her fullback to gather from a lucky bounce catching all the Hawks off guard and she runs in 50m under the posts. 26-7

Henley look for revenge after the restart and Barrett charges it forward. Injury stops play and Henley have the scrum between the posts.

Henley using their well practiced forwards picks. Wysocki-Jones has a fantastic run but Sheffield's defence has been solid in the 2nd half and kept Henley out.

Craig makes a big impact in her first touch of the game and gets some yards. The hard work pays off and Davidson scores it in the corner for her first Henley try. Conversion unsuccessful. 31-7

A spectacular run down the line after the restart and Wysocki-Jones gets through 5 players. Great runs from Davidson but a penalty gives Sheffield the ball again and a quick boot sends it to touch. Sheffield win their lineout and get a penalty.

Big hit from Simpson with her first play of the game and Wysocki-Jones sits players down with another hard run. Moody and Thompson gain the yards and Simpson pushes it over to score it for the sixth try of the match. 36-7 conversion narrowly missed. 

Sheffield hands are solid as they challenge the Henley defence and repeated offsides gave the referee no choice but to sin bin a Henley player. Now playing against 14 Sheffield were marching Henley back into their own half. 

Sheffield won a scrum between the posts on the 22. Hard tackles and line speed from Henley keeps them at bay and forces errors. Another scrum and a great final run from Bliss who could not get the offload away to end the game. 

36-7 to Henley who are happy to have a big cup win under their belts.

Coaches player - Ellis Collins for outstanding tackling throughout the game and Players player - Katie Wysocki-Jones for her huge carries. 

The Hawks travel to Bath in two weeks to continue their league campaign.