Jeni Kingman - World Deaf 7s

Jeni Kingman has been a player at Henley for the last 2 and 1/2 seasons, having joined after meeting some of the players involved in Oxfordshire County.

She had her first appearance for England Deaf in September 2015.

In April, England Deaf hope to compete in the first ever World Deaf 7s in Australia. EDRU are currently committed to taking a men's and women's squad to the World Deaf sevens competition, with 12 players in each squad.

England Deaf Rugby Union has been in existence for 11 years. It was set up by a group of deaf sports enthusiasts. Its purpose was to promote the playing of rugby union by deaf and hard of hearing players, to provide support to those wishing to participate, and deaf awareness to those clubs working with deaf and hard of hearing players.

Here is a quote from Jeni on her experience of training and playing with England Deaf:

"Joining England Deaf has completely changed the way I feel and act around my hearing loss, making me more confident on and off the pitch. EDRU provides a wonderful environment of understanding, support, laughter and a true passion for rugby. Each time we come together, from all over the country and all walks of life, our brilliant coaches and support team, including communicators, volunteer their time tirelessly to push the teams forward. I have found playing with England Deaf has broadened my rugby experience, and allows me to take what I learn at Henley to the EDRU pitch, and visa vera"

In order to qualify to play for England Deaf a player must have an average of 25db hearing loss bilaterally. It means that deaf, deafened and hard of hearing players qualify. It includes those who have had hearing impairment from birth through to those who have incurred hearing impairment as a result if illness or injury.

In competing at the World Deaf 7s, England Deaf hopes to shine a light on deaf sport and raise deaf awareness. This competition will have to be funded by all players, coaches and staff, to cover all cost for the competition.

Jeni is hoping to raise funding to help England Deaf Rugby make it to World Deaf 7s in Sydney.

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to promote the game of international deaf rugby but it is a superb opportunity to showcase the fantastic structure that is within EDRU and the commitment of the players and volunteers who assist our charity.

If you are able to donate anything at all, every penny will help on the way to this project succeeding.

If anyone would like any further information surrounding England Deaf and the World Deaf 7s campaign, please contact Jeni: