Lessons Learnt - Looking ahead

This year has certainly been challenging, frustrating and disappointing all in one. The year that promised so much in the hope that we could live in a sustainable way at the third tier of English rugby sadly never came to fruition. A big learning curve for all of us since we were last at this level two seasons ago. The three clubs with the smallest budgets have all been relegated and this is the reality of league rugby at this level.

However there is much to look forward to as we close this season and fall back into league 2 south. The vast majority of a squad with National 1 experience under their belts are staying. There is no jumping ship which is a massive credit to this special group of players. They have remained true to the Henley spirit throughout and are already eagerly looking forward to next season after a well earned rest.

In addition recruitment of new players to strengthen the squad is well underway and you will be kept up to date with developments as they happen.

There is no doubt that the challenges ahead will be enormous. National 2 South will have taken another step forward from two seasons ago, but the determination to challenge once again for promotion will be the motivation and driving force behind pre-season. All the players feel that they owe the club a debt which they intend to repay!

To those players who pulled on the Henley shirt for the last time on Saturday we wish you well wherever your rugby takes you. 

Finally to you the supporters who have stayed loyal and turned out to the far flung reaches of this league a big thank you it always means so much to see familiar faces away from home. Finally its also a good bye to the old clubhouse as we know it although I am sure we will be proud with its replacement as we look forward to the next chapter of Henley Rugby history.

Enjoy your summer and look forward to September and the new challenges ahead.

Nigel Dudding