Redevelopment Update - Contracts signed!

After many months of negotiation and design team meetings we have now finalised our plans, with detailed features inside and out of the clubhouse.  CTS Ltd from Wokingham, pictured above with Mike Trethewey, are our preferred contractors with a wealth of experience suitable to our needs.

The projects costs have varied over the months with more problems discovered within the existing building, moving the kitchen affects the main roof structure and requests for acoustic ceilings, dimmable lighting, improved kitchen and bar facilities have all challenged our project manager and design team.  New toilet facilities with increased numbers and modern design will benefit all.

We are fortunate to have Niki Schafer helping with design, colours and features, her help has been superb, along with Steve Rockell giving us historical and building knowledge to compliment the professional design team.

Together the appearance, practical layout and features of the refurbished clubhouse we hope will excite and please you.  Hopefully you will appreciate we cannot satisfy everyone but considerable thought and effort has gone into the project and now let’s look forward to a bright future with strong financial growth from our facilities.

Chris Nixon - Facilties Director