Women Improve Strategic Play but Lose Out to Trojans

Henley Hawks 7 pts - Trojans 37 pts

It's been over a month since the women have played down at Dry Leas to a home crowd with cup games and bye weekends interrupting. After a good week of training they were up for a good game against top of the league Trojans. 

Unfortunately the Hawks got off to a poor start and the visitors were able to score in the corner very early in the game. A string of missed tackles enabled a strong running Trojans side to end the first half 0 - 26. Despite some glimpses of good play from the Hawks they were yet to find their feet and get themselves into the game. 

The second half saw a completely different Henley side. A side who were aggressive and played with determination. The Hawks were able to execute their game plan and found some flow in their game. Great running in the forwards from Wheeler, Balmer, Ferguson and Nash meant that the Hawks were able to make the gain line more consistently and the backs were able to play a more expansive game. Dudding controlled the game and kicked well to put Trojans under pressure in the back three.

The Hawks were becoming more aware and attempting to organise their defence accordingly. During so, the women unfortunately added to their long list of injuries with Hearn heading to A&E with a broken jaw. A more solid defense meant that the visitors were under pressure and were forced to make mistakes. The visitors were only able to get over the try line twice in the second half. The Hawks attacked well and this caused Trojans to give away penalties under pressure. A quick tap from Nash who caught the opposition off guard allowed Dudding to snipe and fight her way through scrambled defence  and score besides the post. Converted by Dudding. The Hawks put in a gutsy performance through till the end and the score finished 7 - 37. A great second half performance.

Players player went to Nash and Dudding. Coaches player went to Matthews. All for great work rate, hard runs and for being relentless in defense.