Women Show True Grit v Cheltenham

Cheltenham 50 pts Henley Hawks 5 pts

After suffering a big defeat at home to Cheltenham in the first half of the season, the Hawks travelled expecting a tough game. However with the addition of players that didn't play the first fixture, they were hoping to step up their performance against the tough opposition. 

The Hawks got off to a great start in the first half defending well, meaning Cheltenham could only score in the corner. Hawks were able to execute their game plan to keep the ball away from Cheltenham's big pack but were unable to get it wide through the backs. Strong tackling from full back Hearn kept Cheltenham to a 15-0 lead at half time. 

Unfortunately the Hawks were unable to maintain their positive start and Cheltenham scored a few easy tries early in the second half. A string of injuries disrupting the half back pairing of Leeds and Dudding meant that players in the back line had to reshuffle. Due to this the Hawks had difficulties maintaining their structure, despite good set plays in the forwards they struggled to keep possession and backs were unable to get clean ball. 

Even With Dudding back on the pitch the Hawks continued to struggle to keep out a strong Cheltenham. Eventually Hawks were able to find their feet and the last 10 minutes of the game saw a very different Henley side. The Hawks began to tackle hard and break through Cheltenham's defensive line. A great series of play lead to what was one of the best team tries the women have ever execute. Dudding switched the play to Balmer running hard who offloaded to Wheeler. Wheeler and Thompson then ran down the right wing in a "to me, to you" style for Dudding to receive the last pass and touch down.

The final score was 50-5 however the score line didn't reflect the grit and determined performance from the Hawks.

Players player went to Hearn for her great covering tackles and her attacking play. Coaches player went to Thompson who made a massive impact when she came on off the bench; making big tackles on their pack and put in some fantastic runs and an assist. 

Next week on 4th December the women host Trojans which again will prove to be a hard fight.