Hawks give Richmond a Close Run on 23rd October

Henley Hawks Women 15 - Richmond 17

A brilliant game of end to end rugby; a shame Hawks Women didn't come away with the win.

Having made a few changes minutes before kick-off, with Groves making her debut at 9 we had to adapt our game. Great distribution allowed some strong runs through the middle from Wheeler and Hearn and within minutes Murray was just short of the line. Building the phases, the Hawks shipped the ball nicely through the hands allowing the Dudding dummy to strike again getting the first points on the board 5-0. 
Van Der Grient took a knock meaning an early substitution bringing Horwood on the flank and moving Sealey to prop.
Richmond came straight back with a great offloading game, which saw them scored minutes later, 5-5.
  It was clear it was going to be a great game of rugby with both teams determined to get their first win of the season.
Dudding controlled the game well at first five putting Horwood through a great hole, steaming up the pitch frantically looking for her support, Hearn couldn't quite gather the ball.
Great pressure from the Hawks forced the turnover by Dudding, good runs from Solowin, Ferguson and Pruskwoski allowed the Hawks to gain field position and McFarland finishing an excellent team try in the corner 10-5. 
Last play of the half and Richmond had the last say going into half time ahead 12-10. The Hawks came out strong in the second half, forcing the mistake from Richmond and building their way up the field. Solid running lines from Sealey, Horwood and Matthews put pressure on Richmond and their discipline let them down which allowed the Hawks to take quick penalties and saw Wheeler powering over the line 15-12. Solowin off and out for the next three weeks with concussion saw Timmins come on the wing and Wilkie move to 13 and Murray making way for Humphreys. 
For the next 20 minutes Hawks had the majority of the posesssion but solid defence from Richmond prevented them from getting over the line, Matthews coming close but held up.
With minutes to go the Hawks fighting to get 3 the vital 3 points to win the game. Great quick tap from Groves got them 40 meters up the pitch. Given another penalty Dudding tapped and popped the ball back to Hearn with a strong inside line just meters from the line. Getting the ball down the line to Timmins saw her high tackled and ball turned over, Richmond fullback now in a foot race with McFarland, McFarland winning with a fantastic cover tackle, preventing Richmond scoring in the final minutes.

Game over, final score 15-17 to Richmond but a very well fought battle!  

Forward of the Match: Horwood
Back of the Match: Groves  

Team - 1. Van Der Greint 2. Ferguson 3. Matthews 4. Kingman 5. Balmer 6. Sealey 7. Pruskowski 8. Wheeler 9. Groves 10. Dudding (sponsored by Seamus Jeffs) 11. Murray 12. Hearn (sponsored by Loddon Brewery) 13. Solowin (sponsored by Total Construction) 14. Wilkie 15. McFarland Subs: Timmins, Horwood and Humphreys