Henley Vikings

Berks, Bucks & Oxon League 2 (BBO 2N)

Welcome to the Henley Vikings!

The Henley 3rds Squad (“The Vikings”)  train regularly on Thursdays from 7pm at Dry Leas. The squad comprises a mixture of seasoned veterans and young players. The Vikings look to help develop that young talent and where appropriate give players their first taste of Men’s Rugby. As well as this we endeavour to provide a competitive and fun environment for passionate rugby players to enjoy the game they love. Whether you’re new to Rugby or a veteran who has been playing since minis we will provide the coaching to help you improve and practise your skills, to give you the best chance to enjoy and succeed in games at the weekend. Above all it is essential that “Rugby at the community level” is fun and enjoyable, and we are placing this as our top priority – and it’s always more fun when you are winning of course!

At the end of this season we will be embarking on our first community level tour for many years (long weekend) and regular players for the Vikings will receive a significant subsidy from the club to go on this – we are committed to making sure that the new club motto – “Henley as One” or #HAO - really does apply to everyone who plays at the club – at whatever level

The Vikings (3rds) have recently moved into the BBO 2 league playing 22 regular season games from September through to April. The maximum distance that we will travel for an away game is 1 hour, but most games are much closer than that. This is a more appropriate league for the current resources that we have available at this time, but we are keen to develop and progress a stable squad and return to the BBO 1 league in due course, which is the highest league level that the team can play at.

As a squad we hold in high regard the Core Values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship that make Rugby the special game that it is. We believe respecting these values along with a dedication to training and to matches give us the best chance to succeed as a squad and develop our players.

Team Managers

Rob Heginbotham 07771 760822 rob@theheggers.com

David Lewis 07850 259071  david.lewis@osc-group.com

Howard Saward 07887 628556 howard.saward@gmail.com

Head Coach

Mark Venner 07917 686682 mark.venner@karcher.co.uk