Membership FAQ's

Q - I cannot access the website

A - Please check any firewalls or anti virus software, especially if you are using a computer at work. Ensure you are running the latest version of your Internet browser. We recommend Chrome. If you cannot get to the membership portal via a link from a newsletter, email or the HRFC website, try accessing I directly from

Q - I have forgotten my ID or password

A - There are links from the login screen to allow you to receive your ID vial email and to reset your password. Just select the required button and follow the instructions. The Club do not hold a list of member's passwords. You can also contact Mary or membership@henleyhawks who will be able to give you your membership ID. Please check your spam folder if you are not receiving these emails.

Q - I want to use a new payment card

A - At the 'Stripe' payment screen you are given the option to 'remember' your payment card. This can be overridden by just inputting you new card details when paying for your membership or topping up your cash balance.

Q - I don't want to join or renew online

A - No problem, if you are renewing you can phone Mary in the office and pay by card, or you can pop in and pay by cash, cheque, or card in office hours. New members are welcome to visit the office and either Mary or a member of the membership team will be delighted to 'sign you up' while you wait. The membership team will be in the office Wednesday pm 2-4 and Friday am 10- 1pm until the 2nd September.

Q - I used to pay by Bank Transfer or Standing Order

A - The Club has moved from the previous payment methods and no longer monitor Direct debits, Standing Orders or Bank Transfers. We recommend members cancel any outstanding bank payments and use the on line payment system which accepts all popular payment cards through the secure payment system 'Stripe'.

Q - Tell me about the new electronic ticketing system

A - The 'smart' membership card can be viewed as a key to unlock your membership account. Your membership account includes a number of 'purses', for example funds that can be spent in the Clubhouse which then attract a discount at the bars. This year we are introducing a new purse that will hold a member's ticket allocation, so for a season ticket holder 15 tickets or gate entries will be loaded on the account. On match days, members will be asked to present their membership card to the stewards who will 'swipe' the card on entry. Club members will have 2 tickets added to their account and these can be redeemed in the same way. Note that Gold members who have a complimentary 2nd club card will be allocated 17 tickets and either card can be used at the gate. Members will be able to ask for a balance enquiry at any bar till to showing any outstanding funds or tickets for the account. Match day paper tickets are retained as last season, however these will now have a barcode on them and will be scanned on gate entry.

Q - How do I top up my funds on my account

A - This can be done either online (PC, Mobile, Mac) with a payment card (just log into your account and you will be presented with the 'top up' box) or at any bar till in the Clubhouse. Note that we recommend topping up outside busy times in the Clubhouse and that bar top ups have a minimum amount of £10.00 and cannot take cash.

Q - I have query about my account

A - Please contact membership@henleyhawks or use the help button from the     membership portal and leave a message. For general enquiries or if you just want to talk to a member of the membership team, we will be in the office on Wednesday afternoons 2 – 4 and Friday mornings 10- 1pm and at all the pre season and league home games. If you have a query about your account balance or tickets, you can obtain a funds balance from the top up screen on line, or a balance enquiry to include any ticket allocation from a Clubhouse bar till.

Q - How do we apply for international tickets

A - Ticket allocations can only be considered if the membership is current 2 months before the nominated match. For example members need to have renewed or joined by 1stAugust to be able to choose the November internationals. Application forms are available on line and in the office. Gold members, who are guaranteed two international tickets, will be asked to confirm on their International Ticket Application Form they are taking up their Gold Member option.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask

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