200 Club

The 200 Extra club is a group of Henley RFC Supporters who kindly donate a small amount of money on a monthly basis for the chance to win cash prizes.

It is called the 200 Club to represent the number of supporters who are entered into the draw.

How does it work? It is very simple – you do nothing!!
You pay £5 per month via a standing order into the 200 Extra Club account.
You are then given a number and if it is pulled out in the monthly draw, you win a cash prize!

We are delighted to announce a new format for our monthly HRFC 200 club draw. Coming into effect from 1st July 2017 the 200 club awards will be as follows:

  • 2 x £25 winners
  • 1 x £50 winner
  • 1 x £100 winner

In addition to the above we will have 2 x £500 winners during the year. The first opportunity that you have of winning this amazing price will be in the October 2017 draw during a home game pre-match lunch, the second will be in our April 2018 draw during a pre-match lunch.

How it is drawn?

Numbered balls are drawn from a raffle drum by an invited guest monthly at pre-match lunches before Henley Hawks home games - an incentive to join the 200 Club and attend pre-match lunches.
The 200 Club draw continues out of the playing season and is made around the middle of the relevant month. A ball is eliminated once it has been drawn

Notification of prizes

Latest winners are as follows for July 2017:

  • £25 - Graham Horner (37)
  • £25 - Grant Hepburn (112)
  • £50 - Alan Pontin (150)
  • £100 - Graham Horner (185)

Members must be fully paid up to claim a prize

To enter the 200 Extra Club - simply fill out the form below and click submit. For further details please contact: 01491 574499

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